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Our employees usually get sick from flu, fever and other kinds of virus related disease. after using uv care products, their productivity level increase. there are fewer cases of sickness, and if there are people who are sick. it does not spread to the whole office.

– Universal Records.

Ok na ok . kasi pag uwi ni syoti may headache sya with a little sore throat , yung eyes nya parang hot daw so parang pa umpisa na flu … then UV Care ko yun room nya while we were eating dinner , tapos before they sleep 9 pm parang ok na si syoti and the room after the uv, smells different.

– Carol Go

A lot of people raised their eyebrows when I bought my UV Care room sterilizer, they said too clean leads to more allergy for the kids in the future. However, I still went on purchasing it. It’s not because I want my place to be super clean, but more of I want to zap those unwanted viruses away. On ordinary days, my kids can go around bare footed, eat their hands even when they touched and tortured my window screen and blinds, and its ok with me. But what’s not ok with me is when they caught a stomach flu, or a persistent flu that just wont go away. Those are the types not cool with me. Before, when our household have virus, we all would catch the disease, but what’s worse is it comes back to you again just when you thought you’re already getting better. Zapping those virus using the UV stopped that, aside from loving the burnt smell after, it also gave me some peace of mind that at least Im doing something in retaliation to those viruses for wreaking havoc to my twins (har har). We never regretted purchasing it and it’s one of my favorite “toy” especially during flu season.

– Loraine Go- mother of twin boys.

Ever since semi barado lagi nose ko. Allergic rhinitis milder version. But ever since amoy sunog na yung rooms ko, hindi na barado ang nose ko. I can say mas smooth sailing na ang daloy ng oxygen sa patutunguhan!

– Lorraine (Mother of 2 Twins)

Sobrang happy ako using uv care room sterilizer almost 1 month lahat ng tao sa bahay may sakit naghawa hawa na so we decided to UV our house immediately after using UV na feel ko agad yung difference nawala na yun sipon ko so whatever virus and bacteria sa house nawala na.

– Cathy Jane Ng

Dati every morning naiinis ako kay Boggs (husband) kasi lagi nag-isneeze e baka mahawa ang mga kids. In fairness napansin ko nawala ha!

– Liza (Mother of 2 Kids)

In truth im recommending it to my clients and friends liked me UV Care pocket sterilizer and ultra germ terminator has helped with my allergies.

– Patrick Santiago

When i hear my friends kids who are sick caused by viral infections my heart goes out to them especially being a mother myself. I want to help them by sharing the benefits of using UV care products especially the room sterilizer which our family have benefited. By the grace of God even when i got a bad flu my daughter did not catch it i made sure that our room is regularly sterilized since i am breastfeeding my 1 year old daughter so i have direct close contact with her. Using UV Care Room Sterilizer have made sure my home especially my baby is protect and is free from bacteria, germs and viruses.

– Carolyn Chuaying

I was bracing myself for the worst.. I thought our Christmas season is ruined when my twins got herpangina kasi yung iba nga gets confined pa sa hospital coz ayaw kumain sa sakit but to my surprise mabilis gumaling mga kids and in a weeks time we were able to go out na uli and celebrate New Year. Thinking back your UV Care room sterilizer worked as the virus didn’t stay to fester around our household anymore. I told my doc nga it’s not as scary as i thought it was…

– Loraine Go